Why We Must Stand By Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is a term used where exclusive rights are recognized. This means that intellectual property law gives owners exclusive rights to assets such as music and inventions.

Common forms of intellectual property include trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets. These laws enable people to benefit financially from their own creations, whether it’s a song, movie script or lyrics.

If you’re interested in using a song for a video you are producing you must contact the creator and get written permission. A license will then be issued giving you rights under the intellectual property law.

Theft has increased over recent years with internet sites offering movies and music illegally and making it available for anyone to download. Peer to peer networks are copyrighters biggest nightmare in the music, software and movie business. Peer to peer networks allow large files to be circulated and manage to avoid liability. Though there has been clamping on these sites, they are increasing daily and are open to anyone from any corner of the globe.

Anyone with a copyright will feel the financial blow of someone using their material without their permission and without payment. A large movie company can lose millions if their smash hit gets out before it’s in the cinemas or available on DVD and Blu-ray. Think of the amount of money they can lose through cinema sales and DVD and Blu-Ray sales.

Piracy is another common term used when exclusive rights are not adhered to. Whether someone is making copies of their favourite album for friends or family members or to sell on the black market or they’re copying a movie to give to friends, this reduces the number of sales generated, reducing the income of the owner of that property.

Enforcement is on the copyright holder and while larger corporations have the resources to follow up on illegal activity; it’s not always easy for the average Joe or smaller business. They have tried getting internet service providers to join them with enforcing this behavior, but in reality it’s difficult for internet service providers to monitor this on such a large scale.

There are certain areas that allow you to download copied music legally and they are Spain, Canada and the Netherlands. People in any other country are required to purchase the music like everyone else, though we all know that there are thousands of people who are downloading music free of charge, affecting the intellectual property holder’s financial income dramatically.

You have to understand this from the copyrighter’s perspective. They have created something which is obviously in demand and why shouldn’t they reap the rewards of their success? But due to piracy, peer to peer networks and online sites, they are losing millions in revenue each year.

Basic Overview of Intellectual Property

If you’re wondering what intellectual property is, you’ll be eager to know that this includes copyrights for writers, movie makers, songwriters and it also means patents for art and other inventions.

Even though intellectual property law is designed to protect the inventor or creator, it’s up to that person to ensure that their items are not copies or reproduced without their consent. If you’re a single person, you will find it very hard to keep control over who is using your invention or creation without your permission.

Large corporations and movie companies are in control of their intellectual property, they have thousands if not millions of dollars to spend on researchers and investigators to ensure that their copyrights are not breached. To say the least it’s like going to look for used cars Las Vegas, the dealer is aggressive, confident and unwilling to let you leave without a sale. The researchers at these big corporations are the same and do not stop until they have the information they require.

A couple of years ago if you bought a DVD you were not allowed to make a copy of it for a friend, the same replied to a musical CD. Some countries have had to do away with this law, due to the amount of people copying music and videos for their family and friends in an attempt to save cash. This law, much like hip replacement recall, has been pulled back making things easier on the consumer and the owner of the intellectual property.

How is Intellectual Property Law broken?

Downloading music or movies without paying for them is the first step. Owners of the intellectual property lose out on royalties, while members of the public enjoy the daily deals of content available free online.
Using a song for a video you are producing for your business without the permission of the intellectual property holder. Every time they lose out on royalties the law has been broken, unless it’s with their written consent.

How to Get Consent to Use Copyright Material?

Contact the intellectual property holder and ask for approval. Be like Samsung mobile batteries and never give up.
Once approved an agreement will be drawn up and like an anti wrinkle cream, all the creases will be ironed out until you’re both happy with the agreement.
Once all is signed and sealed, you may use that copyright material for your prom dresses advert or other documentary that you have agreed upon.

Trying to control your intellectual property without help isn’t easy. The internet has opened up avenues that we never thought possible and when paying for your copyright it’s not like buying immobilier, but rather like taking out a payday loan that you need to keep track of and control at all times.

A company specializing in information and words, such as San Antonio SEO companies need to ensure that their backlinks service do not breach any copyright laws, they need to ensure that their clients are directed to legitimate sites, this way one step in the management process is controlled.

An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights in the USA

The United States of America is one of the drivers of technology, innovation and the arts in the world. Whether or not this is borne out of, or is a material driver, of the idea of intellectual property protection is a matter that will largely remain undetermined. However, what is very clear is that the United States continues to be one of the staunchest supporters of Intellectual Property Laws and as such is a constant witness to many court actions related to intellectual property. Even matters as simple as San Diego floors get the occasion court tussle precisely because of its intellectual value.

But before we get to the crux of the intellectual property right situation in the USA, perhaps it is worthwhile to first dive into the meaning of intellectual property. Simple put, intellectual property is the recognition that “creations of the mind” can be considered real assets despite the element of intangibility so much so that they should be afforded rights equivalent to those of real property. Consequently, a long list of laws has been enacted in the US and in the international scene in general, via treaties and agreements, in order to enforce this idea of protection of the products of the mind. In short, intangible assets such as music, artistic works, literature, even inventions, language, logos, designs and many others are considered the “Wow Gold” result of creativity and should therefore be afforded a certain level of protection and rights.

The primary goals of intellectual property rights are two-fold. First, it recognizes the efforts of the creator in the area of invention and creativity and takes actions to give that creator the protection due such that the product or idea can only be used by the creator or delegated free-of-charge as discerned. The second is the idea of motivating others to be just as creative by giving them the incentive to create. For example, in the area of putting up a surf shop, one just wouldn’t create an ordinary surf shop but would rather innovate to create maybe a new board design, a new material for a board, a novel addition to make a board for effective or safer. In these regards, intellectual property rights are regarded as something that should elevate ideas as well as protect the inventor from exploitation by those who only seek to copy the ideas of others.

In the United States and in many areas around the world, there are many forms of protection afforded to intellectual property rights. Common examples include copyright, patent, trademark, and even a trade secret to name a few. There are also other forms such as author’s rights for writers, related rights, moral rights, geographical indication and utility models to name a few. These refer to novel ideas such as HCG drops rather than the more conventional and already recognized arts such as maybe a Carlsbad therapist.

In this regard, perhaps it is worthwhile to examine each of the major components of intellectual property protection just to gain an understanding of how it works.

Copyright. This is one of words related to intellectual property that are thrown around but now that many know its deeper meaning or implication. According to formal definition, a copyright is the granting of exclusive rights to the holder so that person can be credited and compensated for his work wherever it may appear, essentially giving him full control of the right to designate or allow others to use it or now. An important element in legal parlance is that the “thing” that has a copyright can be an idea or information that is discrete and substantive.

To give a very common example; a song composed by an artist can only be reprinted or used in any way, shape or form with the artist’s consent and maybe through extra compensation also called a royalty. In a way, it also helps in remodeling estimates pertaining to the gains or profit out of a work as any subsequent use actually generates income for the copyright holder.

Patent. The patent works much like a copyright with one critical difference; it is only granted under the condition that it is fully disclosed to the public. For example, if an inventor determines a new way to download files from the internet, that inventor can apply for a patent if the mechanics of the invention or discovery is fully divulged and documented. In today’s technology-heavy society, patents are the common form of intellectual property protection. As if it’s not that obvious, this extends beyond the idea of, say, putting up a car dealership, to a new way of selling a car or something in that regard.

Trademark. A trademark is the protection afforded to a logo or brand in order to retain its identity and uniqueness. Common trademarks include Coca-Cola, Colgate, McDonalds and many others. Imagine if just anyone can use these names for their respective businesses; that would ruin the identity and personality of the brand name or logo; hence the need for protection. It also applies to all sorts of branding strategies from realizzazione siti web to brand names for the best web hosting and many others.

Trade Secret. Rounding up the common protection for intellectual property rights in the USA is the trade secret. This gets treatment opposite that of the patent as it must remain secret in order to maintain some sort of economic benefit for its holder. For example, the manufacture of capacitive touch screens used in iPhone units can be a trade secret because once other brands learn of the technology behind the capacitive touchscreen then they can manufacturer products that negate the iPhone’s advantages. Consequently, this can apply to all sorts of products – even yoga mats – as long as it satisfies the criteria that the protection of the information from common knowledge allows a company to profit.

There are obviously many other forms of protection for intellectual property rights in the USA and in other jurisdiction. Altogether, it is the subject of many discussions in law and constitutes on to itself a different branch of legal practice. If you want to know more about intellectual property rights, there are volumes of resources on the internet that can help widen your knowledge on intellectual property protection.

SOPA & Intellectual Property

Any new and useful process, machine, composition of matter, life form, article of manufacture, software, trademark, copyrighted work, or tangible research property. Intellectual property includes such things as new or improved devices, circuits, chemical compounds, drugs, genetically engineered biological organisms, antibodies, clones, cell lines, data sets, software, web-based tools, musical processes or unique and innovative uses of existing inventions. This can be easily done just like seeking a mesothelioma lawyer to ensure invisalign designs or inversiontables among others is protected from intellectual property loss.

There are notable increases in the incidence of intellectual property theft globally with some news agencies reporting that last year saw several cyber crimes that target on selling and delivering American and European company secrets to oversea competitors. At present, there is an act that seeks to stop online piracy that has become rampant. This has sparked massive reactions form major interment firms like Wikipedia, eBay, twitter, Google among others which claim that the United States will create an internet blacklist bill thus encouraging censorship, kill jobs while at the same time giving the United States government unchecked power to over global websites. This reaction is similar with taking a person on a drug rehab who suffers from yeast infection no more.

The proponents of the bill hold that it protects the intellectual property market, including the resultant revenue as well as the jobs and the act is vital in bolstering the enforcement of copyright laws especially against foreign websites. On the other hand, those that oppose the act show that it will break the internet and it will lead to job losses while impeding freedom of expression such as free speech and whistle blowing. This is just like to buy HCG based on heat pump reviews from pet supplies.

This act empowers the United States’ department of justice to tackle online pay involving copyright in national and international levels. This department can pursue websites that involve in matters deemed to contradict this act and shut them down and go after the companies that support these websites technically or through payment systems.

More criticism on this bill comes from the World Wide Web browsers like the Mozilla Firefox which holds that the rights of expression on the internet are being curtailed by the bill others have put protest notices on the New York Times paper sharply criticizing the act just like most drivers insurance when they como reconquistar a ex namorada with companies. Most of the opposes support the role on the ‘stop online piracy act’ in ensuring protection of intellectual property rights but raise concerns over the manner in which this protection is implemented. All of the major players seem to agree on the Act in combating foreign rogue websites that are devoted to copyright infringement and counterfeiting but the bill would go into serious extremes in exposing law abiding US internet and technology companies to new and unexpected liabilities, private rights of action, and technology mandates that requires monitoring of websites.

Intellectual Property Rights and SOPA

As there is no dearth of brands for laptops UK; there is also no dearth of laws for the proper maintenance of a state and its institutions and the lives of its citizens. One such attempt is SOPA. SOPA is the abbreviated form of Stop Online Piracy Act. It is also renowned as H.R 3261. Lamar Smith is the most important person behind it. He along with a group including 12 co-sponsors has introduced SOPA on October 26, 2011, in the House of Representatives.

As online criminal justice degrees are meant to put an end to the crimes; SOPA is meant to put an end to the crime related to the violation of intellectual property. It is meant to fight the people who are violating the intellectual property rights of people. It is introduced so that the copyrights holders can fight the people involved in trafficking or counterfeiting copyrighted intellectual goods.

Apparently it seems to be a great initiative. Most people do not support this sort of piracy. So, the initiators thought that it will be most welcome among the people. But as there is no scarcity of online MBA programs accredited academic institutions; there is also no scarcity of groups of critics writing for or against it. As there is no shortage of academic institutions for masters in education; there is also no shortage of ways you can interpret SOPA. This is the most potential problem with this law that the critics have pointed out.

As there are many ways of coach hire; there are also many ways of interpreting this law. So, this law poses a lot of problems as it is open to misuse or misinterpretation. So, this is posing a great difficulty for the people involved in law enforcement.

This law is meant to help the copyright holders and save them from the corruption of piracy. But the problem occurs when the law enforcement officials have to face the pressure of the two parties. As there is no scarcity of brands for anti aging face cream; there is also no scarcity of supporters of intellectual property piracy. For this reason those supporters are putting a lot of pressure upon the authority and they are huge in number. They mostly belong to the rising internet professionals. Even the audience also supports the piracy as they can get access to the intellectual property without any charge or paying a little charge. On the other hand the recording industry and movie studios have heartily welcomed this attempt. So, the authority is in a helpless situation and is hardly able to enforce the law properly. As it often becomes difficult to decide on a particular carpet cleaning service; it has also become very difficult for the authority to decide on the particular party.

As the AC repair Houston tries heart and soul to ensure the proper customer care service; the supporters of SOPA are also trying heart and soul to ensure the enforcement of this law. As there is no shortage of ways of Scammed Us Complaints; there is also no shortage of reasons that they are giving to convince authority.

As golf cart is meant to facilitate the golf players; SOPA is also meant to facilitate the people. So, this law should be enforced to stop piracy and save the intellectual property right.

How the Internet Stopped SOPA from Passing

There have been many attempts at legislating some “almost” draconian measures to control and regulate the internet but the advent of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) has one of the most hotly contested, debated, and protested measures in the modern age. If passed, one would have had to be worried about the overreaching goals of both bills, not only in terms of IT jobs, but more importantly in our everyday lives.

It does not take a business management degree to internalize what SOPA and PIPA would have brought to the table:

Unparalleled regulative powers on the part of the US government potentially infringing on privacy rights
A more-than-expected waning in creativity and innovation for fear of legal retaliation
You do not need a criminal justice degree nor an executive MBA program to know that lawsuits could start flying left and right
Your child can get prosecuted for singing any copyrighted song

Because of these effects, the internet rallied together to stop the passing of SOPA and PIPA bills. Leading the charge were websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, WordPress.org, MoveOn.org, CDT, Imgur, Minecraft, and sections of Google and Mozilla. These websites blacked out for 24 hours starting on midnight EST, January 18, 2012.

Naturally, the effects of the protest reverberated worldwide as many people who access these sites were inundated with information about SOPA and its potential effects. Beyond the cleverly instituted Κατασκευή Ιστοσελίδων were more serious messages about being vigilant, being active, lobbying politicians and tech companies to drop their support of SOPA and what it means. In essence, the blackout protest on the 18th of January stood as the digital version of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement requiring the parties involved to re-consider their position.

And much like an effective medical aid with long-lasting effects, politicians and companies alike capitulated to the demands of the internet, withdrawing their support to SOPA, and voicing out strong concerns as to why they decided to change their minds. Because of a worldwide concerted effort to inform people, and an information campaign that would rival the advertisement strategies of term life insurance policies, people took notice and began to express themselves.

In that single 24-hour span, the SOPA blackout protest was able to create enough attention to change the minds of many legislators.

More than 4.5 million signed the online petition to drop SOPA
More than 7,000 websites worldwide participated in the SOPA blackout protest
A total of 18 US senators dropped their support for SOPA

And thus begins the scrabble dictionary game to re-write SOPA after what can easily be considered a PPI mis selling blunder. The original author of SOPA, Texas Rep. Lamar Smith (R), withdrew the bill and might have to book a South Africa accommodation just to let the vile die down.

Indeed, the collective response of the internet stopped SOPA from being approved and written as legislation. Its collective voice outgunned a much maligned and essentially un-researched effort to restrict internet usage in favor of a few business interests that would have defeated the purpose of the web altogether. Undoubtedly, the SOPA blackout protests forward a valuable lesson in understanding issues pertaining to rights, privacy, and creative freedom. It would seem, at least for now, that the internet is starting to look out for itself; without the internet as a media to share information, the internet would have ceased to continue existing in its current form. Crisis averted.

How Intellectual Property Rights are changing on the Internet in 2012

Intellectual property rights and the internet has been a discussion that has caused a lot of controversy over the past few months and moving into 2012 hasn’t seen much change.

By now we’ve all heard of SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act which is trying to have a law passed enabling them to attack sites that have links and make profits from pirated materials.

They intend black listing sites without giving the companies the right to trials. From there the companies need to sue the service providers for unknowingly hosting copyrighted materials.

But what does all this mean? It’s as though you need a masters of accounting to figure out what they are on about. Basically SOPA wants to put the burden on the internet providers, increasing their costs dramatically.

Companies such as Twitter and Facebook are at risk as they could have lots of claims against them due to the large network of users that they have. Internet providers are expected to monitor each individual IP address to ensure they are not infringing on any copyright laws, a huge financial burden for any internet provider.

It is being argued by larger corporations who feel that the internet will no longer be free or open for users. Think about it you can download winzip free, but you will struggle to find information that may have a copyright against it, making it harder for some people to work and study.

Large online organizations such as Wikipedia recently took a stand by replacing its English homepage with a message about how SOPA could damage the free and open internet and Google removed their logo for a couple of hours in protest. While these protests haven’t been accepted with open arms by SOPA, it’s fair to say that there is a big controversy taking place.

Think about it, you use the internet daily whether it’s to search for merchant cash advance or insurance ce. You don’t want to get into trouble by landing on the wrong page that may have a copyright infringement, especially if you’re a company.

At the moment there is no certainty as to where this new legislation is headed and it appears to be up in the air at the moment, which means we can continue utilizing the internet as before. Will things change in 2012, seeing is believing.

It’s like anti aging skin products, you never know whether they really work or not without trying them.

The highlights for 2012 include:

SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act is targeting companies that link and profit from pirate materials. You can look at this as the the Melaleuca Foundation, working to help you be healthier throughout your life.
Companies will be blacklisted without trials. This will be like Brazilian keratin treatments, bettering yourself without approval from others.
Companies such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will have their hands full fighting off the claims with such a high volume of users. It will be like searching for jobs near you where there are loads of other people searching for the same post.
We watch as internet providers have to handle the financial burden of monitoring users, not at all like finding car battery uk and having your battery delivered within days. This will be a lengthy process that will take a lot of resources to manage.
Certainty is unclear at this point. So enjoy using the internet as an open and free resource for now whether you’re looking for an Obama phone or you want to read up on SOPA.

Urgent Update about CISPA and it’s Rush Through Congress!

Don’t let this one pass you by, CISP passed congress in a rush order. This is downright disturbing and needs to be paid attention to. Cispa (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) was originally introduced in November, but passed last week with last minute amendments that are disgusting. Learn more now!

CISPA: What Is It? What Does It Mean for You?

As there is no dearth of people who love to eat and make pizza and wish to know how to make the pizza dough; there is also no dearth of people who wish to know the on-goings of cyber zone. We are living in a world where cyber reality has become more important than our physical reality. We love to be in the cyber space most of the time; for example, we love to be with our near and dear ones via Facebook, Twitter. We love to stick together in a cyber space more than the physical space. Again, our study, our entertainment, our work, our business, everything has left their place in the physical world and have entered in to the cyber space. We now belong to the cyber generation and for us, cyber zone has become our identity and our space.

You might have heard about the CISPA a lot. This is one of the most talked of issues today. You might have thought what is so special about it. Let’s have a look over the article and you will find it out for yourself. If you wish to know more, you can also click here or there in the internet. Hundreds of pages can give you information about CISPA. So, you can click this link or that link for getting more information.

CISPA refers to Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. This is a proposed act that came into being in United States of America. The act proposes that the internet traffic info must be shared between the concerned manufacturing and technological companies and the U.S. government. The main aim of this act is to help the government to stop the cyber space threats for ensuring the safety and security of the use of the cyber space. This act aims at moving towards a threat-free use of the internet.

There is no dearth of threats from the cyber space. You cannot just think of one example. When you will think about this issue of cyber attack, hundreds and thousands of stories will come into your mind. So, this is really a critical issue. Many important and sensitive information are leaked every day. Different kinds of crimes came into being with the advancement of information technology. So, it is really important that government come and intervene into the situation.

So, CISPA came into being for ensuring a safe and secure web browsing. The government wants to take steps so that the criminals cannot go here and there scot-free.

Though there is no dearth of people who have criticized this act. For them, this is the violation of public privacy. But this is not the whole truth. As you need the help of scottsdale Volkswagen for getting a good car; you need the help of the government for a safe web-browsing opportunity. So, CISPA means a lot for the public. This is meant for the public welfare. So, you should not misunderstand this act. Rather you should go through all the issues related to it carefully and find it out for yourself whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

The Latest News in the Megaupload & Kim.com Case

If you need to learn more about the Megaupload & Kim.com scandal that has captured the interest of the mass media and of Internet users all over the world, these next few lines should help you out.

This is not an article that is going to tell you how to lay your hands on a halvin pikalaina loan, but rather how to best look at a highly important online reputation management program that can help you and your business through rough times, similar to the ones that can be read about in the Megaupload & Kim.com case.

First of all, you need to know that Copiracy-accussed multimillionaire Kim Dotcom has decided to go on the offensive against the United States of the America by officially launching a web page meant to share information on the respective case.

Kim Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann and Finn Batato and Bram Van der Kolk, all having worked together for Megaupload are now facing racketeering, copyright, and money laundering charges. All four men are currently on bail in New Zealand and they are waiting an extradition hearing to be set down for March next year.

As opposed to any sort of dentist marketing scenarios featuring 100% positive strategies, but it seems that Kim Dotcom has finally decided to lay out his own side of the story inside the court of law. He therefore made full use of his own website, www.kim.com, and a specially created webpage called “10 Facts About the Megaupload Scandal” to make his voice heard. According to Kim, the New Zealand police is the only responsible part of the matter, due to the fact that a high court judge has decided to rule out the search warrant that was used to confiscate the hard drives and also the rest of the stuff collected from the Doctom headquarters, considering the warrant to be illegal. Now he might not have had similar arguments as the ones used in the case of the mogl scam, but his arguments do seem to be standing pretty firm. Plus, the Dotcom website is very similar to a website that has been created in order to support the release of a new movie and it also encompasses the taglines “The war for the Internet has begun”, and also “Hollywood is in control of politics” or “The government is killing innovation”.

All of these are of course not by far similar to the peaceful messages found on the Kingdom Hearts website, and plenty of issues have been raised. Moreover, Kim Dotcom has decided to testify in the High Court at Auckland during a hearing into a police raid on the Coatesville mansion. This police raid has resulted into the arrest of Dotcom. The very same hearing comes after a ruling that took place in June and which revolved around the search warrants that have been used during the respective raid, and which were considered to be invalid.

The Kim Dotcom case does not care much about the price of the best oils for skin, but rather on the difficult matter of establishing whether the search warrants have been legally used against Kim Dotcom.

How to File for a United States Patent

Applying for a patent in the United States is not exactly rocket science, but it does involve going through some thoroughly defined steps. You will have to learn how to properly fill out a patent application and how to submit it to the right Patent Office. You are also going to cover a certain fee during the process. To continue our mini-guide, we are going to tell you that applying for United States patent will require you to apply to the USPTO, which is short for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If you are willing to discover more information on this topic, you can find a type of learn more by clicking here page or you can directly choose to visit site related to USPTO. The following information should help you see the bigger picture.

First off, a patent application does not resemble a good night SMS in any way. This is a legal piece of paper that will imply spending some time on filling it. You may be able to find the best eye cream that can help you get rid of your superficial wrinkles in less than a day, but you cannot expect the same rate of success when it comes to writing your patent application. You need to accurately protect your invention and this patent should be well written and able to do just that for you. Solely inventors can apply for a patent, and all inventors have to be listed on the patent applications.

Create the draft of your patent and do a search for a similar patent art. Next, file a provisional patent application and get a one year protection, while saving some serious cash. You should hence trigger the patent pending status for your invention and no writing claims will be asked of you. Before the end of this year, you are going to have file a non-provisional patent application. However, know that during this same year, you should be able to promote and sell your product.

Filing for a non-provisional patent application will imply creating a written document featuring comprises a specification and also an oath or a declaration. You are also going to need a drawing, if necessary. Also know that you are expected to cover a filing fee at the time of application, also fees for when the patent will be issued and patent maintenance fees. If you have created something similar to the fender telecaster, you are going to want to make sure you cover all of these fees accordingly, so that you invention can be safely guarded.

These are just the basic steps you are going to have to follow in order to file for a United States patent. For more information, make sure you do more research.

Updates on PIPA and SOPA Laws

If you are looking for one site that can help you learn more about the PIPA/SOPA laws, you can either visit source information on official web portals or continue reading these next few lines for a deeper insight into this matter.

PIPA is short for the Protect UP Act, while SOPA is short for the Stop Online Piracy Act. Both of these bills have been introduced by theUSRepresentative Lamar Smith in order to make it harder for non-US web sites to sell and offer pirated materials online. Counterfeit goods have also fallen under the same category of items that the two bills are trying to protect.  Some of the basic lines of PIPA and SOPA refer to the banning of advertising networks and also payment venues so they can no longer cooperate with infringing sites. Also, search engines should no longer be allowed to link to web sites and ISPs should be blocked access to their websites. Unauthorized online streaming of copyrighted content such as online TV shows and movies or videos should be punished with a 5-year jail sentence. These are the main highlights and demands or provisions of the two important bills that have brought a great deal of attention upon them.

The focus is mainly on foreign websites and providers and the current flaws in the existing laws that would be corrected by the PIPA and SOPA acts altogether. However, there are large groups of opponents that have reunited their forces in creating the so-called Declaration of Internet Freedom. This is considered to be a freedom move meant to keep censorship away from the Internet, just like cheaper insurance quotes could keep more money inside one’s pocket.

The respective Declaration was a result of several other actions driven against the SOPA and PIPA bills that were officially shut down in January 2012, after the US Congress, Hollywoodand the Internet public fight. But if getting a fast loan such as a pikavippi loan might be a walk in the park for the Finnish, the same cannot be said about those fighting against these two laws. A lot needs to be done to protect the Internet from censorship, and, at the same time, make sure no one’s copyrights are being compromised. The details of the two bills still need to go through some changes; given the fact that large organizations such as Mozilla or Amnesty International have already signed the Declaration of Internet Freedom, along with influential individuals like Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian or Ben Huh, chief executive at Cheezburger Inc., it is easy to see this is not going to be an easy battle for either of the sides.

Freedom of expression, access, openness, innovation and privacy are the main points that the Declaration is comprised of, and no jackleg drill actions should put the freedom of the Internet under threat.

Keypoints of a Property Law

Property law is that branch of legal practice that deals with the administration of property ownership and the subsequent transactions involving that property. Today, the development of real estate as a big form of business, coupled with increasing complexity of other laws such as taxation that eventually spill over into real property, everyone is now expected to have a basic understanding of property law. At its most basic, one is to be keep informed about the latest developments in property administration, but also because everyone eventually ends up dealing with real estate and real property at some point or another.

For this, there are keypoints in property law that one has to be familiar about, from PPI claims to purchasing real estate property. To that end, here are some of the considerations that may prove useful to those who want to learn a little bit more about the finer points of property law.

  • Possession of a property has to be backed by the appropriate evidence to support the claim. Property law guidelines state that only that which can be proven in a court of law either via document or testimony can be ascertained to as owned by a specific owner. The important thing to remember here is to make sure you have the documents to prove your claim or risk losing your property to someone who may have acquired the necessary legal documents via other means. Take advantage of government programs that grant property owners the opportunity to get legal documents for their properties via expedited means as may be applicable in your area.
  • Transfer of properties may happen either through sale, as a gift, or even via inheritance. As is the case with proving ownership, the legal document is the final basis through which ownership can be ascertained. In property law, those who can prove ownership as supported by the documents showing the exact nature of the transfer of property will become the supreme group as only those entities will come to be honored by the court.
  • Each country has various subtle differences to the property law in place so one has to be meticulous in studying the applicable jurisprudence especially when acquiring property overseas. For this, one should employ the services of a qualified legal counsel and not merely rely on chat rooms to purportedly get the understanding that one needs to own a property. These are typically big transactions with big amounts of money and other assets transferring hands so the ability to get the most accurate information and then employ that in the transaction will hold the final sway during legal arbitration or trial.

Property law is not a simple subject and certainly not an affitti that anyone can claim to embrace without prior study. Always take the time to consult the experts, those who have been licensed to practice law, so you won’t end up on the wrong end of legal action. Remember, your arguments are only as good as the evidence that accompanies them so make sure to have every legally recognized document to support your claims when it comes to property ownership.

Storing Data Online: Make The Right Calls

With the increasing pace of technology, we find ourselves in times of change, in the way we think, the way we do our business, and the way we handle laws. Because of the Internet and the rising power of social media, governments are finding ways to control what is being put out and being said, for the entire world to see and hear. Instead of merely searching for upcoming bands, movie reviews, or the latest fashion trends, people are taking their business and office online. Often times we click on things that tell you to ‘download for free’ or get it now.When it is this easy, how do we know whom to trust? This is why there are laws being pushed to stand against data storage sites. There are many scams and hackers that do a great job in putting up a professional institute facade  when in fact they are after your files and your money.

It’s one thing to go online and look up a nearby therapist to fix your lower back pain (although this requires much precaution as well), but when you start to upload important documents into a site that promises safety and security, make sure you check up on those promises. Take the necessary steps, with the help of someone of expertise that you trust, to find out how the website is working and what technology they use to ensure your privacy. But what if it is actually the government who is trying to get into your files? What happens to the contract then? This is when the laws are bent, become vague, and eventually reach a cycle of pointing fingers and sections from a book. What does the law say about search warrants online? Many questions have yet to be answered or established. Website lawyers are now becoming just as needed as car accident lawyers. Data storage sites are one of the kinds of websites you should always read the terms and conditions of (cause let’s face it, not everyone reads through all of those), and more than anything, know that what you are uploading may be stolen. There’s no telling where technology will bring us in the near future, and how easy it might be for someone to hack into an account with the proper tools and knowledge. To rule it out is almost out of the question—while many of us are content with hard copies in filing cabinets and a few external hard drives, businesses that thrive online and business people who are always on the go need access to their files whether they’re in Tokyo or Moscow. What needs to be done is thorough investigation, awareness about the sites’ current news, and knowing your rights and the terms you agreed to. What complicate things even further are the different sets of rules, laws, and regulations for the different parts of the world. Just like payday loans, if it sounds fishy (or too good to be true), just don’t go for it. Find a more credible site or keep your files offline until these laws are addressed properly.

Precautionary Measures to Secure Online Business

The Internet continues to transform the world. When it comes to business, the online platform has proven to be the most efficient and affordable way to start and run a business. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that only a small percentage of investors who invest online succeed. There are a number of things you must do in order to flourish. The consideration of the following precautionary measures will help secure your online business.

Be patient

Most people take the online platform as one to help them get rich in a matter of days. This is not true. The online platform is like any other platform only that you will run your business from anywhere. If you are looking to make money fast, then this is not the platform for you. To be successful online, you need to be both hardworking and patient. The two work in combination in the running of any business.

Superior customer service

The nature of customer service you afford your clients will always dictate the sales volume you make. Your website will serve as your business premises. Most of the people considering your skin moisturizer products lack technical skills. To make them feel welcomed, you need to create a website that is axiomatic and comprehensive in every aspect. Your website must also offer a range of communication channels for clients to use.

Separate business from pleasure

It does not matter how much you make from swtor credits, if you do not separate your business finances from your personal needs, chances are your business will nosedive in no time. The only money you are supposed to enjoy from your business is the profits you make. Never use your business money to take a tour to Ibiza or give your friends a treat. A good business should be able to finance itself and reward you with profits.


New developments are made almost on a daily basis. If you wish to run one of the most successful businesses on the market, you must look at what your competitors are doing. This is where research comes in. You must take a tour to your competitor’s website and see what unique features they are offering. You also need to go through news reports as well as online reviews. This will keep you informed on the latest trends in the market.

Have a timetable

The good thing about an online business is still the worst thing; flexible working hours. You can work from anywhere and at anytime. At times, due to this flexibility, you might end up being drawn away to the extent of overlooking the needs of your business. Having a timetable will help you know where you are supposed to be and what you should be doing. Set a clear timetable and adhere to it.

Set realistic goals

Your goal as an online investor is to make as much profit as possible. However, before you go there, you must start by setting realistic goals. Goals are what motivate you to work harder and are what helps you get up when you fall. The lack of a goal will only cause you to veer off course.

Are you interested in learning more? You may be interested in Patent Strategy, the book.

Patent Strategy: The Manager’s Guide to Profiting from Patent Portfolios by Wiley

That’s a quick preview that you can use to determine if this is right for you.


Trademark searches via uspto.gov: http://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/
There is also a fee based trademark search engine called Thomson’s SAEGIS that you can find here: http://www.thomson-thomson.com/

Why plagiarism is a crime

Suppose you make a chair. You make sketches first, to give yourself an idea of what you need to make. Then, you cut the wood into the pieces that you need; hard labor is something you are willing to do in order to make this chair. Then you put in great effort to hammer the pieces together with nails and glue. You put in all your effort. Finally, you paint the chair and it becomes a masterpiece. The US Fast Cash loan that you got to get the materials for this piece will soon be paid off when you earn the price you deserve for it. You leave it in your shop for people to come and look at it. However, the next morning, you find out someone has stolen your chair. You look out and find out that your neighbor stole it and took all the credit for making that beautiful chair. Would you not be devastated in such a case? Well, then why should intellectual property be treated any differently? This post will convince you about how big a crime plagiarism really is and how it must be avoided under all circumstances at all times. This is a brief introduction to the topic, and you can get more information from various online sources.

Plagiarism, first of all, refers to when you take someone else’s work and present it as your own. That is a huge intellectual crime in the academic world. You see, it is simply not acceptable to present someone else’s hard work as your own. You definitely won’t be able to justify the work to anyone if the need arises. Such a situation can be very troublesome and you certainly will not be able to handle it. The best way to deal with such a thing is to avoid it completely!

Secondly, plagiarism deprives someone of their hard work. It is ethically and morally incorrect to do something of that sort. It is no less than being involved in automobile theft! Plagiarism is something that is definitely punishable by the authorities. The penalties range from being rusticated from the college that you are affiliated with to being taken to the court for this purpose. Of course, the penalty ranges in nature in accordance with the severity of the crime. Plagiarism in college that involves stealing your roommate’s homework may not take you to court; however, you can definitely lose your degree.

The loss of your intellectual property can come to you as severely as a rejected PPI claim. However, if you ever face a situation where you see that someone else has taken credit for your work, do not remain silent. You see, there are very strict actions against people who commit this crime. Furthermore, there are many ways through which it can be proven that the work is actually yours and that someone else has stolen it from you. However, the most important thing is that you make sure that you raise your voice. Fight against plagiarism because it is a horrendous crime in every nature.

It is my pleasure to invite you to the AIPPI Baltic Conference, which will be held in Riga, April 19-21, 2011 and will offer you valuable information on current IP topics and excellent networking opportunities.

Since 1995, the Conference has taken place in each of the three Baltic States in turn, this time – in Riga.

Riga – historic and vibrant Baltic metropolis, has become an exciting new tourist destination in the last years. Big medieval city with tall gothic church towers is surrounded by beautiful parks and boulevard rings and further by the hundred year old “new city” which is built in the picturesque Art Nouveau style. Glass and steel buildings on the both banks of the river Daugava represent the contemporary Riga.

Comprised of 10 sessions on April 20th and 21st, the Conference programme offers insight and knowledge on latest trends and issues in the field of IP, with presentations delivered by the leading IP experts from Baltic States and Europe.

The program of the Conference also includes the following social events: welcome concert in Riga Doms Cathedral followed by a reception in Museum of History and Navigation on April 19th, adventure evening in Cinevilla backlot – an unique opportunity to take part in the mystery of movie special effects show on April 20th, Gala dinner on April 21st, and full-day program and tours for accompanying persons.

Join us for the 2011 AIPPI Baltic Conference and other unique and memorable events!

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