Storing Data Online: Make The Right Calls

With the increasing pace of technology, we find ourselves in times of change, in the way we think, the way we do our business, and the way we handle laws. Because of the Internet and the rising power of social media, governments are finding ways to control what is being put out and being said, for the entire world to see and hear. Instead of merely searching for upcoming bands, movie reviews, or the latest fashion trends, people are taking their business and office online. Often times we click on things that tell you to ‘download for free’ or ‘get it now.When it is this easy, how do we know whom to trust? This is why there are laws being pushed to stand against data storage sites. There are many scams and hackers that do a great job in putting up a professional institute facade  when in fact they are after your files and your money.

It’s one thing to go online and look up a nearby therapist to fix your lower back pain (although this requires much precaution as well), but when you start to upload important documents into a site that promises safety and security, make sure you check up on those promises. Take the necessary steps, with the help of someone of expertise that you trust, to find out how the website is working and what technology they use to ensure your privacy. But what if it is actually the government who is trying to get into your files? What happens to the contract then? This is when the laws are bent, become vague, and eventually reach a cycle of pointing fingers and sections from a book. What does the law say about search warrants online? Many questions have yet to be answered or established. Website lawyers are now becoming just as needed as car accident lawyers. Data storage sites are one of the kinds of websites you should always read the terms and conditions of (cause let’s face it, not everyone reads through all of those), and more than anything, know that what you are uploading may be stolen. There’s no telling where technology will bring us in the near future, and how easy it might be for someone to hack into an account with the proper tools and knowledge. To rule it out is almost out of the question—while many of us are content with hard copies in filing cabinets and a few external hard drives, businesses that thrive online and business people who are always on the go need access to their files whether they’re in Tokyo or Moscow. What needs to be done is thorough investigation, awareness about the sites’ current news, and knowing your rights and the terms you agreed to. What complicate things even further are the different sets of rules, laws, and regulations for the different parts of the world. Just like payday loans, if it sounds fishy (or too good to be true), just don’t go for it. Find a more credible site or keep your files offline until these laws are addressed properly.

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