Why plagiarism is a crime

Suppose you make a chair. You make sketches first, to give yourself an idea of what you need to make. Then, you cut the wood into the pieces that you need; hard labor is something you are willing to do in order to make this chair. Then you put in great effort to hammer the pieces together with nails and glue. You put in all your effort. Finally, you paint the chair and it becomes a masterpiece. The US Fast Cash loan that you got to get the materials for this piece will soon be paid off when you earn the price you deserve for it. You leave it in your shop for people to come and look at it. However, the next morning, you find out someone has stolen your chair. You look out and find out that your neighbor stole it and took all the credit for making that beautiful chair. Would you not be devastated in such a case? Well, then why should intellectual property be treated any differently? This post will convince you about how big a crime plagiarism really is and how it must be avoided under all circumstances at all times. This is a brief introduction to the topic, and you can get more information from various online sources.

Plagiarism, first of all, refers to when you take someone else’s work and present it as your own. That is a huge intellectual crime in the academic world. You see, it is simply not acceptable to present someone else’s hard work as your own. You definitely won’t be able to justify the work to anyone if the need arises. Such a situation can be very troublesome and you certainly will not be able to handle it. The best way to deal with such a thing is to avoid it completely!

Secondly, plagiarism deprives someone of their hard work. It is ethically and morally incorrect to do something of that sort. It is no less than being involved in automobile theft! Plagiarism is something that is definitely punishable by the authorities. The penalties range from being rusticated from the college that you are affiliated with to being taken to the court for this purpose. Of course, the penalty ranges in nature in accordance with the severity of the crime. Plagiarism in college that involves stealing your roommate’s homework may not take you to court; however, you can definitely lose your degree.

The loss of your intellectual property can come to you as severely as a rejected PPI claim. However, if you ever face a situation where you see that someone else has taken credit for your work, do not remain silent. You see, there are very strict actions against people who commit this crime. Furthermore, there are many ways through which it can be proven that the work is actually yours and that someone else has stolen it from you. However, the most important thing is that you make sure that you raise your voice. Fight against plagiarism because it is a horrendous crime in every nature.

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